9_11 Coincidences (Part Nine)

9/11 Coincidences (Part Nine) ---------------------------- Mysterious Power-Downs in the World Trade Center ---------------------------- Please visit the website to order the full version of 9/11 Mysteries: http://www.911mysteries.com Did the World Trade Center towers undergo a deliberate "power-down" on the weekend prior to the 9-11 terrorist attacks? According to Scott Forbes, a senior database administrator for Fiduciary Trust, Inc. -- a high-net investment bank which was later acquired by Franklin Templeton -- this is precisely what took place. Forbes, who was hired by Fiduciary in 1999 and is now stationed at a U.K. branch office, was working on the weekend of September 8-9, 2001, and said that his company was given three weeks advance notice that New York's Port Authority would take out power in the South Tower from the 48th floor up. The reason: the Port Authority was performing a cabling upgrade to increase the WTC's computer bandwidth. However, there seems to be no logical reason why the electrici