9 11 Coincidences (Part Four)

9/11 Coincidences (Part Four) ---------------------------- The sites displayed at the end of each video in my 9/11 Coincidences series are provided so that people have a place to start their investigations. These sites are not displayed as a means of backing up any one point of view. And those sites may not necessarily be of the opinion that we should question whether a plane actually hit the Pentagon. The websites are provided so that people will view all sides of the story and then come to their own conclusions. Unlike some other videos on 9/11, the 9/11 Coincidences series does not promote the no-planes theory. If it did then you'd expect to see the subject covered in some detail. Instead all you see on the subject is the 1:13 seconds here in Part 4 that points out the fact that the government has not released an image showing the plane that hit the Pentagon. And in Part 10 a brief mention is made about the size of the Pentagon hole. This series of videos does not try to push any particular theory. It mer