7.2 Anonymous Scientology Protest

Posted by anonsparrow2 on Jul. 25, 2009

Recorded on 01/23/09 - Washington DC ........................................ Ok. So at the end of the first video, you saw where the one construction guy comes up to me all bent out of shape for wearing a mask and taking peoples pictures. He cusses me out and then seems to leave. Seems. You will hear him down on the corner yelling loudly Take your masks off! and some other things not quite audible. Then he comes back for Round 2 but not so tough this time. His other friend tries to intimidate and get me to remove the footage of him but Im not having it. Listen to what the cool passerby says in our defense. Unbelievable this guy. I love him! So anyway, we send the boys home on their bigwheels and get back to serious business.... Taking down the cult, starting with tax-exempt fraud. ...

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