7.1 Anonymous Scientology Protest

Posted by anonsparrow2 on Jul. 25, 2009

Recorded on 01/23/09 - Washington DC ........................................ So Anonymous DC decide to test the legal waters at the law offices of Zuckert, Scoutt and Rasenberger - home to cult tax lawyer Monique Yingling. I got there a little early and perhpas was a bit too aggressive with my camera tech. My EnturbulatedLawyer advised me that these people are not Scientologists and therefore be more sensitive with my prying eye. I conquered. (concurred) They were pretty shocked and awed when I first showed up. There were two then three then four all huddled in the lobby trying to know what to make of me. Then Enturbulated shows up with his AnonFlag and they knew the game was on. One lady came out with her inferior camera tech (cell phone) and took our picture with that (oooooo!). But to be honest, that was about it. Definitely no Yingling sightings unfortunately. But! But, we did have some construction jackass make a stink about me wearing a mask. He comes up and takes my picture (fair) and

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