6-pack Abs by July 4th!

Posted by mcluna_ on May. 04, 2009

Its not too late, you can still get 6-pack abs in time for beach weather this summer! Getting 6-pack abs is quite simple but requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Two things you need to do to get 6-pack abs. The first is to do ab exercises but that isnt as important as you might think. The second, and most important thing you need to do to get 6-pack abs is to lose weight. Lets quickly cover the losing weight part. Remember, this is the most important thing to get 6-pack abs. To lose weight you need to eat less and do more cardio. I have lots of videos on nutrition and weight loss, you can view them by clicking here- http-//www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=59B036EB66B488D3 A valuable tool in helping you lose weight is a free iPod touch/iPhone application called Lose It! by FitNow If you are not good at reading nutritional labels or good with numbers then this application will really help you lose your weight on schedule. This application lets you enter your current weight, your targe

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