555 BEER NOW - Brim Does Beer!

Posted by OneManSho on Apr. 08, 2008

This 'ere's a sketch I wrote for a beer delivery service. How many undergarments does it take to make me into a pseudo-brimley? The answer is three bath towels, a hand towel and two washcloths amongst the usual. Oh, and a white t-shirt around each arm. If you liked this sketch, please feel free to check out my others or subscribe! I currently have a number of impressions videos, including Simpsons, Family Guy, President Bush, Clinton, and many others. Check out the other spoof commercials, too. Thanks for watching, and remember; if you have diabetes, check your blood sugar. Check it 'offen'. See, there just ain't no reason not to.

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Tags celebrity, detroit, imitation, impression, sketch, impersonation, hollywood, madtv, brimley, wilford

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