(50 Cent I Get Money Parody) - I Get Monopoly Money

This is the official music video of the 50 Cent Parody I Get Monopoly Money from The Mighty Dynasty. It is performed by King Drell and video also features Miss Amber and Miss Ashley. Its a mini movie and music video all in one. At the beginning Miss Amber and Miss Ashley are trying to figure out what to do when King Drell comes in and suggests that they play Monopoly. Miss Amber thinks its a good idea because shes so good at it. You will have to watch the video to see what happens and enjoy the music video. This is a parody of the 50 Cent song I Get Money and is part of our compilation of songs from the upcoming TMD: The Parody Mixtape Album. Other songs on that album include The Amber Dance and Funky Arm. for much more go tohttp://www.themightydynasty.comand sign up with our network. Its free to do and you can do a lot of stuff there.TMD Bitches!!!