48x10 - Get the filmmaking team to Las Vegas to video blog Filma

Posted by 48x10 on Feb. 07, 2010

The 48x10 is a video blogging/social networking project that will be following 10 teams in 10 cities in 10 weeks for the 10th anniversary of the 48 Hour Film Project. We will upload dozens of clips daily to a wide variety of video sharing and social networking sites to keep you in touch with all the filmmaking teams and events as if you were actually there. Additionally, we will be telling the story of the four filmmakers on the journey as they endeavor to keep up with these 10 teams of sleep deprived filmmakers. When were done with our 10 week tour, we will take all the footage and cut it into a documentary telling the whole story in one, cohesive block. For more information on how you can help get us to Las Vegas to film the pilot project, please visit http-//www.indiegogo.com/48x10

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