40 Bulgarian Training Bag Exercises - Part III

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

www.synergy-athletics.com - Final part in the Bulgarian Bag Series (unless you want conditioning circuits!). Original Post synergy-athletics.com There isn't much that you can do with a barbell that you can't do with a Bulgarian Sandbag. Here are some of the bulgarian bag exercises you will see in this video - squat, good morning, lunges, swings (good KB alternative), around the world, unilateral swing, bouncer tosses, swing slams, tricep extensions, curls, rows, push ups, dips, loaded pull ups, loaded leg raises, side to side core exercise, side to side with feet elevated, and MUCH MORE! If you like this video, post it all around the internet - forums, facebook, twitter, and share the information! Thank you for being passionate about training and home workouts. Joe Hashey, CSCS YOUR WORKOUT INFORMATION SOURCE www.synergy-athletics.com YOUR ELITE WORKOUT PROGRAM - http Keywords - bulgarian training bag, mma conditioning, mma workout, home workout, home exercise, bulgarian sand bag, homemade bulgarian bag, cor

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