4 Year Anniversary Special, Insert Coin #204 Channel Frederator

Posted by Frederator on Nov. 03, 2009

While youre waiting for the latest animated film,  A Christmas Carol to come out, celebrate our 4 year Channel Frederator anniversary!   This week, we welcome the animators of Vurup.com and their animation Insert Coin.  Plus, exclusive new Fredbot Anniversary animations from some of our favorite animators!  Also: this weeks viewer question: Are you going to see Robert Zemeckis and Jim Carreys A Christmas Carol?The animators behind Vurup.com will receive $50 for being on the show and another $200 if their animation gets the most views in their debut week this month.  So, if you like the short, spread this link to all your friends!Vurup: http://www.vurup.com/Submit:  http://www.ChannelFrederator.com/submitTwitter:  http://www.twitter.com/channelfredSuperFan Carls twitter: http://twitter.com/fredfancarl?Voicemail: 888-414-8148

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