4/20 Freestyle

Posted by Cwispas on Apr. 20, 2012

Dopeman call me up say Its 4-20, Ill be there soon have yo money ready. What he dont know is I aint no dope Only time I use hemp is when Im braidin a rope. My favorite smoked weed is the burning bush from the Old Testament, not the smokin kush If you dont like that, you can kiss my tush If you dont like that, then youre a douche. No one freestyles like Marty kel got rhymes like viagra, they hard as hell they haunt yo mind like the ghost of Dick Clark your rhymes a goldfish and mines a shark I dont need mary jane to make my bleep bigger to me four and twenty is just twenty four, bleep Youre not Bob Marley, this aint Jamaica son Freestyle is over, Im just plain done Just plain done Just plain done Just plain done

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Tags freestyle, battle, smokin, weed, marijuana, flow, cannabis drug

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