35.0 Anonymous Scientology Protest

Posted by anonsparrow2 on Jul. 25, 2009

Recorded 5/11/09 - Gilman Hot Springs, Los Angeles, Hollywood ................................ Compilation of May 10. The opening picture and the first two scenes are from when we were in the Panda Express beforehand to meet up before the protest. (Just earlier, Resistance Is Futile alerted the local authorities that we would be protesting at Gold just to give them a heads up.) In walks four police officers including the arresting officer of the two Marks at an earlier Gold Base Protest. Mark Lowell (one of the Marks arrested) walks over to the arresting officer to discuss the incident. (Off camera and to the right are the three other uniformed officers but also another man dressed in black. The discussion ended on a sour note and Mark came back to the table to continue eating. Meanwhile, Smurf had gone outside to start shooting video. A couple minutes later the arresting officer walks over to our table and says Tell your friend not to let his lunch get cold. (referring to Smurfs half-eaten plate o

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