3 Days Awake - The Contest

Posted by kashivo on Aug. 14, 2008

What do YOU have to say ??? Write us our personal "3 DAYS AWAKE" LYRICS. TRANSLATE the current vocals into your OWN LANGUAGE. No matter you write it in: English, Polish, Spainish, Italian, Turkish, Dansk, Russian. ....but there is one RULE! -> You have to stick to the ORIGINAL SENSE of the track. ....and there is the DEAL! The best version of each language will be RECORDED & RELEASED !!!! And so your personal version will be representing YOUR COUNTRY?S "3 DAYS AWAKE" CULTURE. So stay awake and send us your version to ---> 3daysawake@greatstuff.eu

Categories Pop Culture

Tags stuff, contest, great, days, awake, munich, lytz, ltzenkirchen

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