3.3 Anonymous Scientology Protest

Posted by anonsparrow2 on Aug. 06, 2009

Recorded on 1/03/09 - Washington DC ................... One police car leaves, one parks a block away - fair enough. Veteran Scientologist David Tidman comes out to handle EnturbulatedDC w/ inferior camcorder tech. I come over to handle him. He really is a nice guy. Hes been in Scientology for 30-40 years but is either completely fooled or completely brainwashed - take your pick. And when you ask Anonymous to own you, we will own you! Just for the record, Im overplaying the whole Scientology is fine. thing because its far more effective to give these guys an out where they can blame someone/some entity for their loss. There are so many things that I find crazy in Scientology but for now its quicker to skip those arguments. Im interested in seeing Miscavige and thugs behind bars as soon as possible. ..

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