3.2 Anonymous Scientology Protest

Posted by anonsparrow2 on Jul. 25, 2009

Recorded on 1/03/09 - Washington DC Now that Ive been identified I show Tom Clapp my face for the first time and have a nice heart to heart. He doesnt seem to get it though (sigh.) The police get it though (woohoo!) Tom Clapp returns my friendly gesture and says its good to see me too. It was so good in fact that he later called the cops. First a single police car pulled up near me and the officer unrolled his window. I asked him if he was here to talk to us and he said yes, we got a call that we were acting disorderly. I politely let him know that we definitely were -not- acting disorderly and that Ive been taping the whole thing just in case something like this happened. I didnt tape that part because I didnt want to be confrontational. I offered to give him my ID but he said that wasnt necessary and that he was going to call his senior and let him know that we didnt appear disorderly to him. 5 minutes later a second police car pulled up and the first officer and second officer got out a

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