299 Guitar Licks 10 Backing Tracks!

Posted by matias4000 on Mar. 28, 2011

http://www.licksforeveryone.com LOOK INSIDE THE BOOK: http://www.licksforeveryone.com/sites/default/files/lfepreview.pdf 299 Guitar Licks 10 Backing Tracks! 133 pages full of Guitar Licks, divided into 11 scales and 11 chapters. Including 10 high quality Backing Tracks! Take your playing to the next level! Master different techniques; from alternate picking, legato and slide, to sweep picking, tapping, hybrid picking and more! All Licks written in Tablature and Standard Notation, with AUDIO files, pickstroke direction, fingering, technique specification and more! CHAPTERS: - Major Licks - Blues Licks - Minor Licks - Penta/Mixo Licks - Harmonic Licks - Lydian Licks - Mixolydian Licks - Dorian Licks - Locrian Licks - Lydian b7 Licks - Phrygian Licks FULLY HYPER-LINKED! Get your eBook NOW for only $4.99!!! http://www.licksforeveryone.com by Matias T. Rengel

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