2011/12 South Pacific Cyclone Season Forecast

Posted by frankieapril24 on Oct. 08, 2011

The South Pacific Cyclone Season will be Very Active this season Coming Up and it will bring a lot of Cyclones in Northeastern Australia, Northern Australia and Northwestern Australia. People of Australia have to be Prepared for the Powerful Cyclones to strike austraila this year coming up and Rest of the South Pacific will get a Powerful Cyclones to hit the All of Northern Austraila during the 2011/12 South Pacific Cyclone Season and Island of Madagascar in the Continent of Africa will be Hit by the Powerful Cyclones this year coming up and When we have our winter Australia have their summer and their Seasons is the Opposite than Canadas Seasons and When Canada has their Summer in June, July and August then Australia have their winter in June July and August when Canada has their Winter Australia Has their Summer in December, January and February People of South Pacific Have your Medical Kits Ready and Flashlights and Candles and Camp stoves Ready too and the Cyclones during the 2011/12 Summer Season down

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