2007/2008 Korean short track Nationals (team skating)

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 19, 2010

1000m men's final result 1st:Song, Kyung-Taek(3 lane) 2nd:Lee, Seung-Hoon(2 lane) 3rd:Sung, Si-Bak(4 lane) DQ(impading? or cross tracking? or team skating?):Lee, Ho-Suk (1 lane) 2 vs 2 team skating ---Song Kyung-Taek,Lee Ho-Suk(a line of none Korean national sport university) vs Lee Seung-Hoon,Sung Si-Bak (a line of Korean national sport university) All through the race, Ho-Suk check them so as to back up Kyung-Taek in front of KNSU runners. Whenever KNSU runners try to make outside or inside passes, Ho-Suk block them desperately. The dirty playing like this can not be approved even any other cases although team Skating can be approved to some degree. I have never seen disgusting team skating like this. Stop crazy sucks, men! The factionalism of Korean short track must vanish into thin air. It really stinks!

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