2006 Lotus Exige by Secant Vehicles

Posted by Insidelinevideo on Sep. 16, 2008

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE 2006 LOTUS EXIGE BY SECANT: http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/... The last time we saw an American entrepreneur stuffing a powerful American-built engine into an unsuspecting British sports car, it was the 1960s and it was Carroll Shelby. The meek AC Ace roadster was, shall we say, invigorated by his fitment of the Ford V8 into its lightweight body shell. Fast-forward nearly a half-century. Secant Vehicles, a small start-up headquartered in San Francisco, has developed a GM Ecotec engine conversion for every Lotus Elise (or Exige) built since the waspish midengine sports car's 2005 introduction. The players are different, but the three-step formula for the Lotus Exige by Secant is the same as Shelby's: Step 1 — Find a small car. Step 2 — Add power. Step 3 — Kick ass. So has history been repeated? We drove Secant's development car, a 2006 Lotus Exige equipped with the optional Track Pack suspension, to find out.

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