2 minutes of hysterical laughing after the midnight showing of E

Posted by ndgirl1980 on Jul. 19, 2010

So...definately a had to be there sort of thing lastnight. Tiff and I, although we love the movies...were making fun of Kristen Stewart and her little tics she does. We had hours to waste waiting to watch it, so what else was there to do? Anyway...we both ended up having to walk out of the theater about halfway through the movie because we were trying so hard not to laugh, and not doing so well at that...lol Spent about 10-15 minutes in the bathroom laughing uncontrolably, to the point of tears. So, obviously...when the movie got out...we let loose. People probably thought we were crazy or something...lol So here we are...laughing and ticking. Enjoy.

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