2 Fights. 2 Great endings. 1KO 1TKO You good?

This all started as a documentary.. We were planning on filming the great outdoors and we would just fight as animals. The white guy that got knocked out in the first fight fell out of character. He was supposed to be a wallaby and I was an alligator. That fucked up and he punched me a few times so I hit him in the nose. Once his nose started bleeding it was on. The two losers of this fight actually fought before these videos were recorded. They were a VERY fair fight and I want to record a rematch because that was a great fight. Blood everywhere. I wasnt planning on fighting my best friend but after trying to convince me for 30 minutes to fight we finally did it... The end result is amazing. Only because of the miscommunication. We agreed that Stop or Orange means were done fighting. I asked if he was good and he said he was. I felt bad but I didnt want to let him up. We need to work on our reffing skills. I am pretty happy with getting that triangle while he was landing a few solid shots on me.