2 Chopin Polska urodzenia

Posted by Sagpublishing on Oct. 03, 2010

China Ensemble live open air performance of Estefano Antonio Classical Music Concert Vol.1. Composer Estefano Antonio is among the few classical music concert writers in modern times. The influences of the old masters of classical music such as, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Joseph Haydn, Johannes Brahms Franz schubert, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, George Frideric handel, Igor stravinsky, Robert Schumann, Frederic Chopin , Felix Mendelssohn Claude Debussy Franz Liszt Giuseppe Verdi, just to name a few, has influence his radical writing style which borders an aggressive, yet contemprary presentation of this long standing musical genre. The Classical Music Concert catalogue, written for live performances, has changed the way modern composers presents this long standing art form. This live performance by China Ensemble was commissioned by S.A.G Publishing. Music sheets are also available at S.A.G Publishing website. All rights reserved.

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