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IMF ordered NATO members to open negotiations with the Warsaw Treaty Organization on confidence and security building measures for pluralism and dismantling in Eastern Europe, because the IMF can control the military, and economic sphere and Eastern European states.March 17, 1989 Hungary signed United Nations Convention - Zionist terrorist organization, on the Status of Refugees. Hungary will not return refugees from communist countries will be prepared to use military and terrorist actions. UN action will cause a mass exodus of East Germans eager to emigrate to Germany, which will weaken the regime of Erich Honecker and increase the number of Romanians who are refugees in Hungary.Romanian and Hungarian refugees are trained military in refugee camps in Hungary and NATO generals and intellectuals GRU Romans brought from America, France and others, led by Vladimir Tismaneanu, Theodore Baconsky Traian Ungureanu Emil Hurezeanu and others who signed the Declaration of June 16, 1989 in Budapest, Hungary, the Pres

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