1989 Frisco & Felicia Reunite - Felicia's Accident in Ohio pt3

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Dec. 24, 2009

The driver of the motorcycle, Decker Moss, carries an unconscious Felicia to a shack. His girlfriend, Phoebe Dawson, recognizes Felicia. The next morning, Decker is still caring for Felicia. Phoebe wants them to leave her, but Decker refuses. Phoebe is hungry, so Decker sends her find food. When she returns, she wants Decker to get help, but hes worried about the trouble they will get into for the accident. Phoebe takes off & Decker goes after her. While they are gone, Felicia wakes up. All ...

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Tags auto videos, collisions, crashes, dawson, decker, felicia, general, hospital, jones, moss, phoebe, racing, stunts, wrecks

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