15.0 Anonymous Scientology Protest

Posted by anonsparrow2 on Jul. 25, 2009

Recorded on 2/24/09 - WashDC ...................................... So a Private Investigator/Unarmed Security Officer from Virginia paid me a visit at work today to deliver a bogus legal threat and a complimentary Anonymous Hate Crimes DVD from some law firm in San Rafael CA. I celebrated by going to the org. after work and bringing them up to speed for what they are now in for. I sort of feel obligated to buy them some permanent curtains now but you know I wont. There was one creepy guy at the very end of the video who clearly took issue with me confronting Tom McAullife. At first it appeared he was going to walk by until he heard me say RTC bullshit. Then he stopped and took a deep breath as though he was about to do something. But instead I stared him down and so he crossed the street while keeping an eye on me from time to time. Then I made it clear that I was taping him and he skulked off into the night. I waited around for another 10 minutes to make sure he didnt reappear. DC Anons watch

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