13.0 Anonymous Scientology Protest Washington DC

Posted by anonsparrow2 on Jul. 25, 2009

Recorded 02/16/09 - WashDC .................................. For The Record- Ive noticed some bawfag comments about how I say things like Scientology is fine. Scientology is NOT fine when it results in real world damage like suicide, death, disconnection, terror, forced abortions, prison labor camps, suppression of freedoms and human rights, etc. So when you hear me say things to these DC Scientologists (who I still consider friends regardless of what they think of me), understand that Im trying to get them to leave a corrupt and criminal cult. I only have a few moments with each person because they will not talk to me. Therefore I need to be as effective as possible. Im trying to give them a reason or justification for leaving. They see that the courserooms are empty and that everyone is overworked and looks like shit. They know that most people in Dupont Circle think they are a joke and its practically impossible to get new people in. In short, they KNOW something is wrong somehow but they

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