101 Bad Habits: Help Nina and Anna make history! (kicks 1 to 50

Posted by lumpsVSbumps on Aug. 02, 2010

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Special thanks to the guest artists:http://walkingpalmtree.deviantart.com (23, 39)http://hinataxsakurafangirl.deviantart.com (24, 25, 26)http://playerj.deviantart.com (45)http://littlenicky89.deviantart.com (21, 33, 34, 36)http://ponetium.deviantart.com (35, 40)http://sleepallof2day.deviantart.com (22, 30, 44)Im not sure what the world record for most crotch shots in a single youtube video is, but Nina and Anna are shooting for it!The Williams are aiming for 101, but to do that they need victims!Thats where YOU come in!1. Suggest characters you think are deserving of a nut shot or a kooch kick. (all the characters in this video were recommended by the dA community)OR2. Artists (or anyone with basic image editing software) DRAW A CHARACTER using the simple templates available at (http://dhim.deviantart.com/#/d2sa06s), and have your art included in the next Nina and Anna video!So, get to drawin!http://dhim.deviantart.comhttp://break.com/user/lumpsvsbumps

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