1000 Pound Woman Charged With Murder! (Fell On Her 2-Year-Old Ne

Posted by mullahgwop on Oct. 11, 2012

When Sergio Valdez saw his 1000-pound client, Marya Rosales, in bed for the first time, he almost mistook some of her folds of fat for pillows. Weve all seen obese, heavyset people. You have not seen obesity at this level, Valdez said in Half-Ton Killer? a TLC special airing Oct. 10 about Rosales, a woman bedridden from obesity, who claimed she accidently crushed and killed her two-year-old nephew. Rosales reportedly weighs nearly 1,100 pounds, enough to qualify her as one of the worlds fattest women, but Valdez says even knowing she weighs more than five average men, doesnt prepare anyone for her sheer massiveness. - HuffingtonPost

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