1000 Level 1 Orc Rocket Race

Posted by GlazeBros on Apr. 29, 2011

*T-SHIRTS & SWAG NOW AVAILABLE!!!* http-//www.printfection.com/glazebros GameBreaker.TV hosted an after party on their show, Legendary on Tuesday, March 1st. This after party consisted of all the viewers of the live show, to make Level 1 Orcs on a specific server, and travel to Azshara. In Azshara there is a Rocket Racetrack set up by the Goblins. We all jumped on rockets and went around the track. There was a little over 1500 viewers in the room, so I roughly estimated around 1000. The result was epic as you can see. Big thanks to GameBreaker.TV for hosting the event. Check them out at- www.gamebreaker.tv Comment - Rate - Subscribe! ***DONATIONS*** GlazeBros is running off donations. We could really use your help if possible!!!! Click Here- https-//sites.google.com/site/glazebros/ ***DONATIONS*** Like Us On Facebook- http-//www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pa... Follow Us On Twitter- http-//www.twitter.com/glazebros

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