10 Stages of a Hangover-Hydrate The World

Posted by HydrateTheWorld on Sep. 07, 2012

http-//hydratetheworld.com/ Please check out the two charities we are working with this year! http-//www.water1st.org/ http-//www.epilepsychicago.org/ Hydrate The World is a company built on bringing clean water supplies to third world countries and having fun in the process. We feel donating to charity and helping those in need should be celebrated and fun, not based on guilt. Here you will find our videos ranging from dancing, to pranks, to just a group of friends having a good time! Even though they may have nothing to do with our mission, or the causes we are trying to benefit, we hope these videos put a smile on your face because that is what helping others is all about. HTW Hydrate The World is currently looking to work with colleges across the U.S. If your Fraternity, Sorority, Club Team, or other organization would like to work with HTW on a Fundraiser please contact us at hydrate.today@gmail.com.

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