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Thursday, August 19, 2010 David B. Mueller Feels Like Rosa Parks As Columbia Police Continue To Violate His Civil Rights David B. Mueller has been advised by the district manager of Dollar General Store that he is allowed to shop and to purchase dextromethorphan cough syrup at the Columbia, Illinois store but Columbia Police insist that they will arrest him if he does so. Mueller was also advised that he will be arrested for telephone harrasment if he calls the local store to advise them what the district manager said. Mueller was also falsely told by police that he is no longer welcome at the Columbia Walgreens and police slandered Mueller and claimed he had been disruptive at the store. Mueller was similarly told that if he calls the store manager he will be arrested for telephone harrasment. Mueller feels like Rosa Parks, the civil rights champion who defied authorities and sat in the front of a Birmingham, Alabama bus when African Americans were wrongly not allowed to. Mueller is trying to decide if he sh

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