Tyler Perry Is Rich

Before I get started, allow me to say: This is actually a true story!! Forbes magazine released a list of the Highest Paid men in entertainment, and #1 on that list: Take a guess guys. I'll give you guys a guess: "Hallelujaer!!". Julian and Alex groan. Yes, not only does he own the city of Atlanta, but he is Forbes Magazine's Highest Paid man in entertainment, earning $130 million this past year!! Perry said he's estatic about this achievement, and he just released a list of new movies that will be released from his camp in the upcoming year: "Madea's Family has High Blood Pressure", A Sci-Fi Thriller "Madea vs Precious", a comedy romp "Madea & Ernest go to Jail", and of course "Diary of a Happy Rich Black Man". Congrats Tyler, one of these days I'll probably be forced to watch a movie of yours on an airplane.