Scary Footage Of Two Armed Bad Guys Robbing Taxi Driver

A Minneapolis taxi driver was going about business as usual when his two passengers suddenly brandished a firearm and ordered him to hand over all his possessions – including his car keys. The entire ordeal was caught on surveillance footage that has since been released by police with the hope of catching the criminals.

The video shows 56-year-old cab driver Alemu Abebe trying not to panic as one of the two young culprits pulls out a black handgun and points it to the back of his head. They strip Abebe of all his valuables, including his cash, wallet, cellphone, and even his ring.

Abebe is then forced to drive the men several blocks before the robbers snatch his car keys and scamper off into an alley, leaving him temporarily stranded. Still, the terrified taxi driver politely thanks the thugs for not resorting to violence. He is able to drive away using a spare key that he kept in the back of his cab.

Not to be deterred by a simple robbery, though, Abebe returned to work just a few hours later and is confident that everything will turn out just fine.

“I am okay,” he said. “I think the police will catch them.” That’s the spirit!