Dashcam Footage Of Tulsa Police Gunning Down Knife-Wielding Rape Suspect

An Oklahoma man was shot dead in Tulsa after leading police on a high-speed chase when he decided to jump out of his car and approach a line of cops while allegedly wielding a knife.

Shocking dashcam footage shows the incident as it unfolded: 34-year-old David English can be seen ditching his vehicle and lumbering toward the cops – only to find himself on the receiving end of a hail of bullets.

He was rushed to the hospital but died shortly thereafter. The three officers who fired the shots – 29-year-old Jered Metzger, 44-year-old Gregory McClintock, and 38-year-old Chad Murtaugh – were placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Public records indicate that English had outstanding warrants for a slew of crimes, including first-degree rape, rape by instrumentation, kidnapping, domestic assault and battery resulting in great bodily harm… the list goes on.

Authorities had intended to serve the warrants on English when they first encountered him, but he drove away, eluding several car traps before winding up in the shopping center parking lot where he would make his final stand.