Tsunami Strikes Japan

Our hearts go out to our friends in Japan that have been affected by the massive 8.9 earthquake and following tsunami. Since the initial strike, devastation has been wrought across the entire country. Thousands of people have washed up in the wake of the tsunami, tens of thousands have been evacuated, and the dead are becoming so ubiquitous that many of the crematoriums in the worst-hit cities cannot handle their workload. To make matters even worse, a nuclear power plant in Yamagata, Japan has suffered damage to its reactors after numerous explosions rocked the plant and caused power outages that affected the nuclear core. Once the flow of power and water used in core containment were cut off, the nuclear fuel rods in the reactor became exposed and threatened to cause a meltdown. The U.S. Nuclear regulatory commission expects the battle for the nuclear plant to take months in regard to restoring and ensuring total containment of radiation. It’s a very scary time in Japan, and everyone around the world can only hope for a swift solution to this terrible problem.