“There Goes That Relationship!” Trump’s Funny Response To Hardball Question

President Donald Trump got some laughs during his joint press conference with UK Prime Minister Theresa May after BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg blindsided him with a hardball question.

“Mr. President, you’ve said before that you think torture works, you’ve praised Russia, you’ve said that you want to ban some Muslims from coming to America, you’ve suggested there should be punishment for abortion,” Kuenssberg said before asking Trump what he would say to British people alarmed by his statements.

Momentarily taken off-guard, Trump looks over at May and jokes, “This was your choice of a question? There goes that relationship!” prompting laughter from May and the audience – and not a second pass at a Revolutionary War, thankfully.

Trump went on to reassure the public that he would rely on the advice of his secretary of defense, General James Mattis, who advocates other forms of interrogation that are not classified as torture.

Kuenssberg also asked May whether she upheld her promise to be “frank” with Trump on issues where they disagree and if Trump listened to her. May insisted that she and Trump have had a successful “dialogue” and expressed hope that the US and the UK will foster a “stronger special relationship” to both countries’ benefit.