Brazen Thieves Steal $12,000 Worth Of Clothing From True Religion Store

A gang of thieves made off with a whopping $12,000 worth of clothing from a True Religion store in a Bethesda, Maryland shopping mall, ignoring employees who desperately tried to fend off the unruly crew.

Stunning surveillance footage shows the pack of thugs sizing up the apparel retailer for several minutes before two of them whip out trash bags and begin loading them with stolen goods.

A store employee who had been warily watching them tries to intervene, but one of the female robbers brutally pushes her to the ground as the rest of the suspects flee. The group ended up exiting the mall through a loading dock door in order to elude mall security.

Now, police are turning to the public at large to help identify the trash bag-toting bandits, whose faces are clearly visible in the surveillance video. Up to $10,000 will be paid to the person who provides information leading to their arrest.