Speeding Idiot Trucker Nearly Hits Trooper On Icy Minnesota Highway

A Minnesota state trooper is lucky to be alive after an out-of-control big rig careening down an icy highway narrowly missed slamming into his parked squad car, veering off the road just yards in front of him.

In stunning dash cam footage from the incident, the sickening sound of the semi truck’s brakes screeching and wheels slipping across the ice can be heard moments before it lurches into view.

It barely avoids colliding with the parked squad car before the driver corrects firmly to the right, sending the truck jackknifing off the highway before its momentum causes the trailer to nearly flip over.

The trooper in the parked squad car had been warned by a second trooper who had been following several hundred feet behind that the semi truck was out of control. Both managed to get out of its way and nobody was injured, including the truck driver.

Now, authorities in Minnesota are warning drivers to stay off the road when conditions are bad. The Minnesota State Patrol is also warning motorists about a state law that calls on drivers to move at least one lane over from an emergency vehicle that is stopped and has its lights flashing.