Scary Scene Where Airheaded Truck Driver Slams Into Stalled Vehicle

Three generations of this family were nearly wiped out in a single tragic accident. Heart-stopping dashcam footage shows the moment when a broken-down car comes to a sudden stop in the middle of the highway and gets pulverized by a semi truck.

The harrowing incident took place in North Wales, where grandmother Lynn Gunn was driving with her daughter, Paula Arnold, her nine-year-old grandson, and her four-year-old granddaughter.

As they were making their way down the busy road, the engine in Gunn’s Kia Sorento suddenly gave out, forcing her to turn on her hazard lights and pull off as far as she could into the narrow shoulder lane.

Dashcam footage obtained from the inattentive truck driver shows him rounding a bend and encountering Gunn’s stalled vehicle. Instead of changing lanes or slamming on the brakes, though, the driver merely managed to hit the vehicle at an angle.

Miraculously, the little girl escaped without any injuries and the rest of the passengers were not harmed nearly as seriously as they could have been considering the speed the truck was traveling. The boy suffered a broken hip and Gunn broke a rib, while Arnold escaped with a relatively minor case of whiplash.

Meanwhile, truck driver Thomas Anthony Holland, 61, confessed to careless driving and was punished with penalty points on his license and a fine of about $375.