Troubleshooting Your Broken Disposal With Plumber Brett Cadiente

Posted by CadientePlumbing on Aug. 01, 2013

My name is Brett Cadiente and the name of my company is Cadiente Plumbing. We provide all types of commercial and residential plumbing services, everything from disposals to faucet replacements to water heater replacements, slab leak repairs and re-routes and yeah, we do kind of a little bit of everything. We do emergency plumbing services as well. We do nights and weekend calls as well. So, got a problem in the evening, we're always available and we've always got somebody answering the phone 24/7. A lot of the calls that we get in regards to disposals are either someone calls and says, My disposal's stopped working, or It sounds like it's jammed. When you turn it on, there's a humming noise, but nothing's happening. So, couple of things that you should try before you actually call a plumber. So, a lot of times when we get that call, we do make house calls for that. We go out and then, we find out that it's something simple like a breaker tripped. There is a reset button on all disposals, it's either on the bottom of your disposal or it's on the side somewhere. You have to get under there and look. It's kind of a pain, but they are there. You could try to hit that reset button. A lot of times it will reset the disposal, it'll start working again. You can save the money in having to call a plumber. The other thing that we do, sometimes you get debris, people just don't understand what they can and can't put down a disposal. You want to keep grease out of a disposal, you want to keep things like potatoes, things that can turn into a paste out of your disposal. It's going to jam it up, over time, and it's going to be useless. Try to keep things out of it as much as possible, food, celery, things like that. But if and when you need to have it replaced, we can and we do replace those with a lot of your major brands and everything from a third horsepower all the way up to a one horsepower, if you love to cook. So, just about everything in regards to disposals. Cadiente Plumbing 625 W Southern Ave., Suite E-195 Mesa, Arizona 85210 Office- (480) 630-3981 Website- http-// Facebook- http-// Twitter- https-// Google Plus Page- https-// Google Plus Profile- https-//

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