Woah! Trooper Attacked After Trying To Pull Over Man On Stolen Motorcycle

A Michigan cop had a very dramatic Monday morning this week when he attempted to pull over a man riding a stolen motorcycle – and ended up getting placed in a chokehold by the suspect’s brother who mysteriously appeared on the scene.

Dashcam footage shows the moment when 21-year-old Michael Barber speeds past Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild, who immediately moves into stop him after realizing that the bike is stolen. Barber acts as if he is going to surrender before pulling back into the highway and speeding off.

Several minutes later, Barber tries to outmaneuver the pursuing officer by taking an exit ramp and then veering across the median, but the stunt only results in him losing control of the motorcycle. Guild moves into arrest Barber and orders him to get on the ground, but he does not intend to go down without a fight.

Guild is in the midst of frantically trying to apprehend Barber when another car pulls up, one that is piloted by the suspect’s 19-year-old brother, Travis Wise. Wise sprints up to the officer and places him in a chokehold as Barber reaches for his firearm.

The situation is looking grim for Guild when suddenly two onlookers appear and help the cop regain control of the situation by fighting off the crazed youngsters.

Now, Barber and Wise face a slew of charges that could land them in prison for over a decade if they stick.