Triple Grandslam

I’m Josh Macuga with newsfeed. The New York Yankees are the first team in Major League history to hit 3 grand slam homeruns in one game. Now listen I don’t get too into records, but the first team to ever hit 3 grand slams in Major League history?! That’s pretty incredible. You know how long Major League baseball has been around? Pshhh… I mean… I was too lazy to look up the exact figure, but it’s been a long time. 3 grand slams in one game is pretty incredible, but is it as incredible as some of their other records Let’s take a look. They’re the first team to charge 30 bucks for a beer, an outrage! The first team to ask for your kids as collateral for season tickets and the first team to advertise on the moon. Gotta get those emerging markets. Am I right people? Congrats to Robinson Cano, Russel Martin and Curtis Granderson who all hit the grand slams and to the Fanelli family from the South Bronx who didn’t have to trade their youngest son Johnny for seats in section F. I’m Josh Macuga and you’ve been fed.