Disturbing Footage Of Train Colliding With Van That Stopped On The Tracks

Tragic video out of Aurora, Colorado shows the moment when a van driver pulls out into the path of an oncoming train – perhaps intentionally.

Surveillance footage released by police shows the collision from multiple angles. The driver of the van can be seen stopping right after the crossing gates and waiting for nearly a minute before driving into the path of the train when the safety arms finally come down.

The video shows an off-duty police officer who attempted to prevent the accident jumping for cover as the train collides with the van, sending shrapnel flying in all directions. The demolished vehicle was launched roughly a quarter-mile down the track as a result of the impact.

The Aurora Police Department has launched an investigation to determine whether the driver meant to place himself in harm’s way or if the railroad track’s safety system failed. According to the Regional Transportation District, which operates the commuter line, all warning systems appear to be functioning properly in the video.