This Murder Mystery By Netflix Called “The Keepers” Looks Awesome

There’s no doubt that Netflix made an enormous splash in the world of true crime with “Making a Murderer” and “Amanda Knox,” and now the online streaming service turned content creator is back at it again with “The Keepers.”

This time, we’re going back to November 7, 1969, the day that Baltimore Catholic school teacher Cathy Cesnik went missing. It wouldn’t be until next year that her body was discovered, kicking off a murder mystery that would remain unsolved for the decades to come.

Now, a group of people who graduated from Archbishop Keough High School – the same school where Cesnik taught – have joined forces to investigate the bizarre circumstances surrounding her death.

Shockingly, they believe that Cesnik might have been murdered as part of a coverup of a prostitution ring led by none other than the school’s chaplain, whom two women accuse of having raped them.

The first trailer, which was released on Wednesday, offers an intense overview of the Cesnik case, which has been given the slick and compelling treatment that make Netflix’s other documentaries so riveting.

The seven-part series will debut on May 19.