Spooky Trailer For ‘The Void’ Depicts A Place Worse Than Hell

I don’t normally get freaked out from horror movie trailers. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all – or so I thought. After watching just one minute of upcoming thriller “The Void,” I’m already starting to have nightmares.

The clip opens with a darkened figure walking toward an Illuminati-esque symbol that continually resurfaces throughout the rest of the trailer. Cut to a hospital scene, where a group of stragglers who seem to have failed in resuscitating a dying patient begin hunkering down as creepy robed figures start encircling the place.

Things are looking pretty standard when we suddenly begin seeing glimpses of demonic flames, alien appendages, and what is perhaps a Lovecraft-inspired pregnancy gone wrong.

Set to hit theaters and VOD on April 7, “The Void” stars Aaron Poole as a police officer who rushes an injured man to a nearby understaffed hospital.

A mysterious illness spreads through the hospital and turns patients into raving lunatics, and the survivors can’t escape because of a bizarre group of cultists surrounding the building. Instead, they try to flee deeper into the hospital, only to discover that the real evil was coming from below.