Top 3 Cougar Town Quotes

Here’s a transcript of “Top 3 Cougar Town Quotes” on Newsfeed – So Cougartown on ABC is quickly becoming the most quotable show on the Internet. I’ve picked a couple of my favorites, so here we go. Quote 1: ‘This is just like a Mimosa except it has wine instead of champagne and no orange juice.’ Which as we all know references the fuel for all Cougars, cabernet. 2nd quote: Courtney Cox when asked if she broke up with a guy says, ‘no he’s still in a coma from his tractor accident.’ Spoiler alert, I think, I don’t actually watch the show. 3rd quote: Is Cougartown, which seemed like a funny title, but instead of sounding like a Courtney Cox sitcom sounds more like an elderly porn.