Toni Braxton

Posted by Staff on Apr. 20, 2011

R&B singer Toni Braxton has a new show coming out called “Family Values,” which is a show about her and her family not producing music hits, or even coming close to it for that matter. MC Hammer is also coming out with a similar show called “Somebody Please Touch This.” The plot of this show is Toni’s 4 sisters, who are tired of being her back up singers, fight her to the death for the Braxton family crown… Ok, actually it’s just about a bunch of people arguing loudly over nothing, so basically like every other reality show. Some speculate that this show is just a way for her to make money after she filed for bankruptcy in December, to those nay-sayers I say, “Un Break My Heart,” don’t you bring me down with “Another Sad Love Song.”

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