Today in History April 14th

Here’s a transcript of “Today in History April 14th” on Newsfeed – So today is April 14th and you may not know it, but it was a big day in history. Here are 3 memorable events that happened today as decided by me. In 1865 the most ballin-ist president ever Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. Mary Todd Lincoln blamed herself because Lincoln, like most men with beards, hated the theatre. Continuing on with the morbidity, Dick Hicock died, he was a killer made famous by Truman Capote’s ‘In Cold Blood’ and not because his name was Dick Hicock. Personally I think Dick Hicock killed those people because of all the ridicule of his name as a child. His parents were real jerks… Dick Hickock. And finally the Titanic hit an Ice Berg in the North Atlantic ,which sadly lead to the death of over 1500 people, but happily exposed me to the beauty of Kate Winslet’s nipples.