Armed Thug Fires Warning Shot During Dollar Store Robbery

If you’re an Oklahoma City business owner and you see a shady-looking guy trying to pay with a big stack of ones, it’s probably this guy, an armed robber who figured it would be a great idea to rob a Family Dollar at gunpoint.

Surveillance footage of the heist shows a masked man wearing a hooded sweatshirt entering the premises and momentarily acting like a customer before walking out of frame.

When he reappears, he is leading two female employees by gunpoint to the cash register and ordering them to hand over the money. When they hesitate, the thug fires off a shot into the ceiling in an effort to intimidate them.

Since the robber covered his face and took other smart criminal-minded precautions to cover his tracks, investigators don’t have much to go off to track him down. The only thing that stood out about him was the distinctive logo on his sweatshirt, so police are hoping that an eagle-eyed member of the public recognizes it and turns the owner in.