This Day In History April 21st

This is a transcript of This Day In History April 21st on Newsfeed – Today is April 21st which is a big, big day in history! In 753 BC, Romulus and Remus founded ROME! You know the place in Italy that gave us things like the postal system, bikinis, public toilets, scissors, our calendar and abbreviations such as etc for etcetera. Wait, does anyone even know how to spell etcetera? Also equally important, on this day in 1952, the first Secretarys day was celebrated. You know, the day where everyone recognizes all their hard work of stapling and gossiping on the phone and stapling more stuff. And finally, in 1982, Rollie Fingers became the first pitcher to record 300 saves…and also became the last person you will ever know named Rollie Fingers that’s NOT in porn.